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All-over printed tank tops are now trending across social media and are popular among festival goers, beach lovers, and more! Design eye-catching and versatile tank tops to engage a younger audience for increased conversions.

For more help on designing amazing all-over tanks, head over to our design guide for all-over printed products.

Product details, all-over tank tops

Our unisex tank tops are made of soft polyester — perfect for hot and breezy summer weather. The edge-to-edge prints on all-over sublimated tank tops allows for more creative freedom than that of traditionally screen-printed or direct-to-garment printed apparel.

Mockup templates for advertising

You can download and edit these free, easy-to-edit unisex tank mockup templates to showcase your designs on a real-life model (templates are PSD files). Utilize these high-quality mockups in your ads to help shoppers visualize your designs in real life. Click to download your unisex tank templates.

Target audiences for all-over tank tops

Here are some audiences who buy all-over tanks:

  • Concert lovers who attend raves and summer music festivals 
  • College students who want to wear vibrant patterns for outdoor parties 
  • Young people who enjoy wearing humorous and attention-grabbing looks
  • Vacationers who want to show their love for summer with tropical designs
  • Athletic moms who want to look cute while they work out

Design inspiration

Here are some design ideas to maximize your all-over tank top profits:

Tropical love

Help people celebrate their love for the hot summer months with floral patterns, palm trees, and beaches! Add a popular phrase from your niche over a tropical pattern to increase engagement, such as: “beach please”, “good times and tan lines”, “I need vitamin sea”, and “the ocean made me salty.”

Trippy designs

Play around with rainbow waves, space imagery, and other groovy designs that are making a comeback from the ’80s. 

  • ex: Galaxy print
  • ex: Color waves
  • ex: Tie-dye 

Raves and music festivals

Festival attendees love phrases that proclaim their love for music, such as: “I love EDM”, “trap,” and “eat, sleep, rave, repeat.” You can also try eye-catching geometric and symmetrical designs featuring optical illusions or kaleidoscope effects.

Fun food

Crazy food patterns and enhanced pictures on all-over apparel are a popular trend on Instagram and Tumblr (see for yourself: example 1, example 2, example 3). Add a tasty touch with pizza, pickles, and other fun food artwork to help buyers share their love for eating. 

Humor and memes

Tank tops with funny pictures and strange designs are often worn to make others laugh and start conversations. Get inspired by meme culture and use bizarre designs to appeal to an internet-loving audience. For more inspiration, check out and search #memes on social platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. 

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