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Cutting boards help shoppers showcase their favorite style in the kitchen while they dine with family and friends. Learn how to create popular cutting board designs and advertisements to increase your conversions.

Cutting board product details

Our cutting boards are made of a durable 1/8” thick tempered glass and include optional rubber feet for stability on glossy surfaces. The dishwasher-safe tempered glass cutting boards are great for gentle food preparation or memorabilia.

design your own cutting board

Target audiences for glass cutting boards

Cutting board shoppers primarily want a nicely designed serving platter that is fun to share with guests and family. Unlike wooden cutting boards, glass cutting boards are best suited for food presentation and light preparation of soft fruits, veggies, and cheeses. We recommend targeting families or homeowners ages 35+ to increase your conversions on this specialty product.

Cutting board design trends

Here is some inspiration for your next cutting board campaigns:

Kitchen friendly

Create designs that match the popular styles of American kitchens, such as French, vintage, rustic, cottage, modern, and more! You can refer to this gallery of kitchen styles for ideas on how to design around common kitchen themes!

Stylish serving cutting board for modern kitchen

Food for thought

Designs that feature foods and drinks such as cheese, fruit, veggies, and wine are very popular with cutting board customers. Use quotes like “You are what you eat” or “Nothing brings people together like good food”.

Name personalization

Add some personalization with designs that feature common surnames in their text, e.g. “Smith’s Kitchen”.  Shoppers are drawn to designs they feel were made just for them. Use this list from genealogy bank to get some ideas for popular surnames.

Note: Do not feature names directly in Facebook ads, it violates Facebook’s ad policies. Name designs are best suited for custom domains, the marketplace, and passive sales.

Wholesome family

Include heartwarming designs that feature family imagery or quotes including: spouses, kids, and family pets. Popular ideas include “Mom’s Kitchen” or “Good Food, Good Life.”

Call-to-actions for cutting board ads

  • Spice up the kitchen with a sleek cutting board, shop now!
  • Serve food in style with a contemporary cutting board today
  • Make the cutting board a conversation piece, shop the full selection!
  • The gift that keeps giving. Get a personalized cutting board today!
  • Get the perfect accent for the kitchen with a one-of-a-kind cutting board!