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Mousepads are perfect for shoppers who want to personalize their computer desks — both at home and at work! Learn how to create amazing mousepad campaigns for increased conversions.

Mousepad product details

Our mousepads feature a slip-proof rubber back, and smooth fabric surface for brilliant prints and accurate mouse glide.

TeeChip mousepad product details

Artwork template: Square mousepad
Minimum DPI: 120
Base price: $5
Suggested sales price: $13.95 – $16.95
Printed dimensions: 9.25in x 7.8in (1110px x 935px)
Product details: Rubber backing, works with laser and infrared mice

Why buyers shop for mousepads

Mousepads are essential for computer gamers, desk protection, and workspace style. Many buyers are in the market to purchase for friends or replace their own old, outdated mousepads. You can learn more about why consumers shop for mousepads at HowToGeek.

Design ideas

Here is some inspiration for your next mousepad campaigns:

Eye-catching humor

Shoppers love accessories that make them laugh — especially with mousepads because they are regularly used and seen throughout the work week. Use puns, funny imagery, and jokes to catch buyers’ attention.

hilarious funny mousepad design
sleek all over design mousepad

Sleek patterns & graphics

Abstract designs and all-over textures are popular with mousepad buyers. Place your favorite designs and phrases over a background texture or pattern for a sleek mousepad design.

Workplace inspiration

Many buyers are drawn to mousepad designs that are encouraging and empowering. Inspire buyers with motivational phrases and imagery that they can place right on their desks!

inspirational motivational workplace mousepad
top selling mousepads

Your top campaigns

Your best-selling campaigns could also perform well on a custom mousepad. Simply place your niche designs on a mousepad as an easy upsell for your favorite campaigns.

Call-to-action ideas for mousepad ads

  • Spice up that boring desk with a one-of-a-kind mousepad today!
  • Game without limits with a fresh new custom mousepad.
  • Replace that boring old mousepad with a stylish one today!
  • Give the office some flair with a custom designed mousepad!