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Magnet selling guide

Magnets are the perfect item for buyers looking to showcase their beliefs and favorite things on refrigerators, filing cabinets, dry erase boards, and other metallic surfaces. Learn how to increase profits with TeeChip’s new circle and square magnets.

Magnet product specs

teechip magnet and coaster details

Magnet trends

Buyers are still interested in magnets, as one survey found that more than 8 in 10 Americans have magnets displayed on their refrigerators (survey here). To take advantage of the wide demand for magnets, we recommend that you add them to your successful campaigns as an accompanying product or official upsell.

Design inspiration

Check out these design ideas to start new magnet campaigns:

Home sweet home

Help shoppers share their hometown pride with custom magnets that feature local references and landmarks. You can target buyers by region, grouped by city, state, region, and country.

home sweet home magnets


Shoppers love quotes and imagery that inspires and motivates. Check out for plenty of phrases and quotes to use in your magnet campaigns.

Easy Laughs

If your designs can make a shopper smile, there’s a greater chance they’ll want to make the purchase for endless laughs! Potential ideas include: animal jokes, beer and wine puns, cooking jokes, and sarcasm.

funny humor magnets

Existing campaigns

Turn your successful designs into successful magnet campaigns! Simply add a magnet option to your favorite campaigns or create a unique design just for magnets.

Call-to-action ideas for magnet ads

  • Give that fridge some personality! Buy a unique magnet today!
  • Surprise friends and family with a custom magnet!
  • Spice up the kitchen with a personalized magnet! Shop now.

Coaster selling guide

Coasters have kept tabletops clean and protected since 1880 and are commonly found in American households on side tables and countertops. Add them to your upsell options to and increase your average order size with ease!

Coaster product Specs

teechip coaster product details

Design inspiration

Check out these design ideas to start new magnet campaigns!

Matching sets

Creating a similar design with a theme like “family” or “astrology” with 4 or more campaigns will encourage shoppers to buy a whole set from your storefront.

Nature & wildlife

You can design your coasters to appeal to hikers, campers, and people who love the great outdoors. Themed animal sets and natural landscapes will capture any outdoor enthusiasts’ attention!

Beer & alcohol

Coasters were originally designed for beer, so featuring alcohol in your design is a safe idea. Popular themes to target include wine, beer, and cocktails.

Call-to-action ideas for coaster ads

  • Get a one-of-a-kind coaster for a favorite table today!
  • Style the tabletop with a personalized coaster! Shop now.
  • Keep the counter protected with a stylish coaster! Buy now.