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Jewelry has been around for centuries and remains a globally popular and versatile accessory item. Turn your favorite niche into a successful jewelry campaign for increased profits.

Product details

Our jewelry is made from a durable zinc alloy and available in a variety of shapes. We offer 10 unique jewelry products available as bracelets, necklaces, and earrings.

View our All-Over Products Chart for print dimensions, artwork templates, and more.

Design jewelry for your unique niche

Create a symbol

Symbols are a popular choice for custom jewelry because they work great at a small scale. Here are some real life examples to get you started:

  • Musical symbols for music lovers
  • A floral paw print for dog fans
  • A tent and fire for campers

Use a popular phrase

Every niche has popular a slogan or catchphrase — use these for inspiration! A few words can go a long way, for example:

  • “Go Green” for environmentalists
  • “John 3:16” for Christians
  • “Hang 10” for surfing fans

Feature a pattern

More interested in making a fashion statement? Turn your niche into a pattern! This technique works best for earrings and necklaces. Here are some examples:

  • Avocados for guacamole lovers
  • Pink camo for military moms
  • Colorful cow pattern for farmers

Top 5 reasons people buy custom jewelry

1) To share a personal value

Jewelry shoppers love designs that showcase a personal belief or value. Increase conversions with designs that celebrate the unique qualities of your niche.

2) To raise awareness

Many jewelry shoppers are drawn to designs that support a cause or raise awareness. Create conversation-starting designs that shoppers will cherish, like “Proud Veteran Wife” or ribbons for cancer awareness.

3) To motivate and inspire

Jewelry is often worn as a motivational accessory. Designs that feature positive statements or empowering mantras are very popular among jewelry shoppers today.

4) To share the love

Birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays are some of the most popular times for jewelry sales. Artwork ideas include “Best Friends Forever” necklaces or more romantic designs like, “I will love you forever.”

5) To look cute

As with most online retail, cute stuff sells! Create adorable designs that shoppers just can’t pass up. Ideas include: cute pets, lazy animals, delicious food, and magical creatures.

Call-to-action ideas for jewelry ads

  • Can’t find the right gift? She’ll love this unique [necklace].
  • Be proud of you. Buy this gorgeous new [bracelet] today.
  • Own a special piece of you with this timeless [pair of earrings].
  • Need some bling. You’re gonna love this beautiful custom [bracelet].
  • Get something special that she’ll wear forever! Order now.
  • This [bracelet] is too adorable! Shop today.