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Expand your selling potential with pillowcases

Custom pillowcases are perfect for shoppers looking to add a personal touch to their homes. These trendy products make a great addition to sofas, beds, outdoor furniture, children’s rooms, lounges, and more.

Pillowcase product details

Our pillowcases are made from 100% spun polyester and feature a sleek envelope closure.


Artwork area: 15.8” wide x 15.8” tall
Minimum DPI: 120 (1896px x 1896px)
Base cost: $9.50
Suggested sales price: $24.95 – $34.95
Artwork template: Square pillowcase


Artwork area: 28.8” wide x 20.3” tall
Minimum DPI: 150 (4320px x 3045px)
Base cost: $9.50
Suggested sales price: $27.95 – $37.95
Artwork template: Rectangle pillowcase

Target audiences for pillowcases

Pillowcases are a versatile product type that appeal to a wide audience. Here are some segments that may be more motivated to purchase a pillowcase:

  • Couples who want matching pillowcases for their bed
  • New/existing homeowners shopping for their living rooms
  • College students looking to decorate their new dorms
  • Parents purchasing for their children’s beds
  • Pet owners shopping for animal beds

Design inspiration

Here are some design ideas to help kickstart your pillowcase profits:

Add-ons & upsells

Sometimes the best designs are the easiest. Start selling pillowcases today by adding a matching pillow design to your popular campaign or create a new design with your favorite niche. Try adding a custom, patterned background to your design for a special touch.

His and hers

Matching pillowcases are a fun and attention-grabbing idea for your next campaign. You can create designs with connected slogans or “his and her” messaging, like: “Hello Handsome. Hello Gorgeous” or “Prince. Princess.”

Local love

Many pillowcase shoppers will be in the market for a cute accent piece to their living rooms. Your designs can feature regional references and homey messaging. Segment your Facebook ads by region or hometown for increased conversions.

Sweet dreams

Pillows are the perfect addition to napping, relaxing, and sleeping. Create a design to match! Great sleep-friendly designs can feature traditional bedtime imagery: the moon, stars, snoring, closed eyes, warm tea, and lazy animals.

Slogans & phrases

Catchy phrases aren’t just for t-shirts — sassy slogans and inspirational wisdom are equally popular on accent pillows and bed pillows. Your designs should be minimal to help feature your pillowcase’s quote or phrase.

Call-to-action ideas for pillowcase ads

  • The perfect accent piece for any sofa! Buy a custom-designed pillowcase today.
  • The best gift for newlyweds! Grab them a pair of pillowcases to remember!
  • Favorite thing + cozy new pillowcase = winning.
  • Rest easy with this adorable (and stylish) new pillowcase.
  • Sleep in style with this personalized pillowcase!