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TeeChip is very excited to announce the launch of all-over sublimating printing! Dramatically expand your product selection and target new audiences with our vibrant, all-over printed products.

NEW all-over printed products

Tips for amazing all-over prints

1. Use high-resolution artwork files

The easiest way to ensure high-quality all-over sublimated prints is to use high-resolution artwork files. Every product has unique DPI and size dimensions that can be found on our all-over products chart.

2. Expand your artwork beyond the bleed area

Larger-sized apparel (XL+) may have non-printed areas if you don’t include artwork in the bleed area. The “bleed” is the transparent gray area around the outline of the product.

Expand artwork beyond the bleed

Instantly preview designs during campaign creation

3. Preview your designs before launching

We’ve added a preview button during campaign creation that allows you to roughly preview what your finished product will look like. Also, don’t forget to add the back artwork for apparel, pillowcases, tote bags, and scarves.

4. Use light background colors to reduce the effect of white streaks

During sublimation, ink is pressed onto a flat garment. Sometimes, white streaks will appear in areas that the ink cannot reach — typically near armpits, seams, and hemlines. We recommend that you use light background colors and avoid detail near armpits, seams, and hemlines to minimize the visibility of white streaks.

White streaks are common near the armpits. Light backgrounds can help reduce the effect of white streaks, as seen above.

Things to watch out for in all-over printed products

1. Designs cannot wrap around seamlessly

Our sublimation garments are not hand-sewn, so we can’t guarantee that artwork will perfectly align front to back. For best results, we recommend you position the most important part of your designs near the center of the garment.

Front to back designs may not align properly.

Printed front and blank back of a beach towel

2. Non-printed surfaces will remain blank

For products with thick material, printed ink cannot transfer through to the opposite side. This results in a blank white surface on non-printed areas.

3. Print placement varies depending on garment size

Your artwork is designed to look best on a large-sized garment. Be aware that design placement may shift when it is rendered to print on smaller or larger garment sizes.

Frequently asked questions

Q: Why does it say my file is too big/small for campaign creation?

A: Each product has unique DPI and pixel requirement to ensure for high-quality prints. The maximum image size is 10,000px by 10,000px. For artwork dimensions and templates, please refer to our all-over products chart.

Q: Why can’t I upload a single artwork file to be used across every product?

A: Artwork must be uploaded and placed on products one at a time due to the wide variety of shapes and sizes of sublimated products.

Q: Why can’t I see all the new products yet?

A: Sublimation products will be released over a 3-week period. You can find release dates on our all-over products chart under the column, “Live.”

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