Don’t miss the 3rd largest retail holiday of the year!

Americans spend over $21 Billion on Mother’s day, with average spending at $172 per person (see the stats here). Shoppers buy gifts not only for their own mothers but also for other women who are mothers, including grandmas, daughters, sisters, relatives, friends, and coworkers.

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More than 85 million women in the US are mothers, and more than 8 out of 10 Americans will celebrate Mother’s Day this year. At TeeChip, we are here to help you take advantage of this huge opportunity.

Mother’s Day buying trends

As you see in the graph below, Mother’s Day shopping starts very early, as much as 1 month earlier. This purchasing behavior is similar to larger holidays like Christmas instead of last-minute purchase holidays such as Valentine’s Day. On Mother’s Day, people spend more on gifts than any other category, making this holiday a perfect opportunity for increased sales.

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Upcoming international dates for Mother’s Day

Although May 13 is the most common day for Mother’s Day, there are several other Mother’s Day dates around the globe that you won’t want to miss.

May 5 – Angola, Cape Verde, Hungary, Lithuania, Portugal, Spain, Mozambique, Romania
May 8 – South Korea
May 10 – Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala
May 12 – Most countries (including the U.S.)
May 25 – Paraguay, Kyrgyzstan, Israel
May 26-27 – Algeria, Bolivia, Cameroon, Dominican Republic, France, Madagascar, Haiti, Mauritius, Mali, Morocco, Niger, Poland, Senegal, Sweden, Tunisia

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You can target different segments on Mother’s Day

  • New moms who have had a baby recently
  • Fathers/husbands buying gifts for their wife to celebrate the motherhood in their home
  • First-time moms
  • Anyone who wants to thank their mother (this can be further broken down into specific age demographics such as teenagers, college-aged, adult)
  • Individuals buying gifts for any admired mother in their life. For example: grandma, stepmom, sister, daughter, relatives, friends, and colleagues
  • Moms buying gifts for themselves

Design ideas for Mother's Day

Here are few potential design ideas that can help you launch your campaigns for this year’s Mother’s Day:

Mom & baby combo

Design products that celebrates the unique bond that a mother and child share. For example, matching t-shirts and onesies for moms and their babies.

Women who love animals

Who doesn’t like cute animals? Create products that will highlight motherly love and affection.

You can use also inspiration from the mothers of “fur babies”. For example, ‘Pitbull Mom’ or ‘Proud Kitten Mom’.

Working moms

Working moms can be extremely busy juggling their job and kids. Use your creativity to demonstrate how kids or families are thankful for their mother’s love and affection.

Celebrating all women on Mother’s Day

Amazing women touch many parts of our daily lives. Mother’s Day is a day to thank every woman – be it your grandmother, wife, sister, daughter, godmother, stepmother, friend, or any other relationship.

Other creative ideas

(1) New moms and moms-to-be: A mom’s first Mother’s Day is an important occasion

(2) Moms with hobbies or who are supportive of their kids’ hobbies (e.g. Soccer moms, Dance moms)

(3) Mom pride: Some kids love to share their respect for their mom (e.g. “Mom, you were right”, “Momma’s Girl”)

… and more! Use your creativity to celebrate Mother’s Day.

Call-to-action ideas for Mother's Day ads

Gifts for Mom

  • Searching for something that’ll make Mother’s Day extra special this year? Give a gift she’ll treasure this Mother’s Day.
  • The mother of your child is truly a special woman. Make her feel loved this Mother’s Day by giving her these amazing gifts. Get a Mother’s Day discount of [xx%]!
  • Show your Mom just how much you love her with some fun, mother’s day merchandise. Limited Mother’s Day offer! Buy today and get a [xx%] discount!

Moms buying for themselves

  • Celebrate YOU this Mother’s Day! Buy these fab [shirts/mugs/bags] cuz you deserve it!
  • Check out these adorable matching mom and baby outfits. Let the world see the best team there is this Mother’s Day!
  • Calling all awesome moms. We have a special discount of [xx%] for you to celebrate this Mother’s Day.