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DPI-based artwork requirements

Upload artwork with ease thanks to a more versatile DPI standard.

In the past, your designs were required to meet a strict 1000 x 1000 pixel minimum. We’ve now simplified the process — artwork only needs to be 150 DPI (dots per inch) or more to be accepted. This update will make it quick and easy to upload your art, especially for small designs (chest logos) and rectangular art (i.e. leggings, phone cases, and horizontal text).

When resizing artwork, you’ll now receive a red warning when DPI goes below 150.


PRO TIP – Refer to our new product chart and templates page for helpful design resources, such as artwork templates and max print area dimensions.

Product details on buy pages

The new product details help shoppers buy with confidence.

We’ve added a new product details section to help buyers understand what they’re purchasing and encourage the sale. Product descriptions include 4 bullet points with concise and valuable details.

New product details

Sort sales stats by domain

Domain-specific stats provide sellers with more specific data.

Custom domain owners can now view the individual statistics from each domain, directly from the campaigns page. This new feature will help you track individual domain trends with ease.

Track sales for each custom domain you own.


New product details

New iPhone 8 and X cases

Sell the newest iPhone styles today.

They’re here! Samsung S8 and S8+ cases are now available for all new campaigns. Customers will appreciate the expanded selection when choosing their new cases.