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Improved storefront loading speeds

Storefront loading speed up to 70% faster.

Thanks to the addition of search databases, storefront loading speeds are now significantly improved reducing buyer wait times and increasing conversions. Faster loading time is most notable when shoppers apply search filters or browse through storefront pages.

Storefront pages now load up to 70% faster.

1099 tax forms are available

Sellers filing U.S. taxes can now access their 1099 forms.

Upon logging in to your account, you’ll see a yellow announcement directing you to your personalized 1099 tax submission form. Simply fill out the short form, click submit, and we’ll promptly email your completed 1099 to you.

Answer a few questions and instantly receive your 1099 tax form.

Samsung S8 and S8+ cases

Sell the newest Samsung phone styles today.

They’re here! Samsung S8 and S8+ cases are now available for all new campaigns. Customers will appreciate the expanded selection when choosing their new cases.

Improved mockup and swatch colors

Mockup colors more accurately match swatch colors.

We’ve recently updated our swatch and mockup colors across several products. This update should help reduce buyer confusion and increase purchases. Improvements are most noticeable in orange and green mockups.