Don’t miss the $8 billion spent during Halloween.

Almost 70% of Americans celebrated Halloween last year, spending $31 per person on costumes alone (see the stats here). With October 31st quickly approaching, make sure you’re prepared to increase profits on spooky merchandise for kids and adults alike.

Halloween statistics from 2016 via Statista and NRF

As seen above, many Halloween shoppers make purchases in advance. Out of those shopping, 29% plan to shop in September and 44% will shop during the first 2 weeks of October. You should schedule your ads accordingly to sync up with buyers.

PRO TIP: Encourage customers to order by October 16th so that packages can arrive in time for Halloween on October 31st.

How to find your Halloween audience

Halloween isn’t just for kids

Millennial consumers (ages 18-34) have become the largest adult age group to participate in Halloween, spending an average of $42.39 compared with $31.03 for all adults (data via NRF ). You should target both parents and young adults to take advantage of this rising trend.

You can target different segments for Halloween sales

  • Mothers buying for their baby’s first Halloween
  • Moms and dads buying for their children
  • Young adults (18-34) buying for Halloween parties
  • Millennials buying Halloween clothes to wear in October
  • Grandparents buying for grandchildren

Design ideas for Halloween

Classic & simple

Sometimes simple is best. Your designs can feature classic Halloween themes: pumpkins, candy corn, skeletons, witches, mummies, zombies, bats, and black cats.

TeeChip Pro
TeeChip Pro

Halloween humor

The entire month of October is fair game for Halloween fashion. Encourage early purchases with Halloween puns for adults, for example, “Basic Witch” and “I’m drop dead gorgeous.”

Trick-or-treat bags

Gathering candy on Halloween is a classic tradition for young kids. Create fun designs on tote bags for all those kids that need bags for candy.

TeeChip Pro
TeeChip Pro

Matching sets

Double your sales with adorable matching Halloween looks. Make sure you add a link to the companion campaign in your product descriptions.

Animal face costumes

Let your entire design become the costume — just add eyes, nose, and mouth for quick and easy Halloween campaign.

TeeChip Pro
TeeChip Pro

Scary & creepy designs

Halloween isn’t just fun and games. Many buyers will be in the market for some creepy designs that can add horror to the night.

Call-to-action ideas for Halloween ads

CTAs for parents buying for kids

  • Kid loves tigers/unicorns/cows/etc? Get the perfect look for your special kid.
  • Your kid will look too cute in this adorable Halloween outfit. Buy now.
  • Kid can’t decide on Halloween? We got you covered. Buy now and save big. 

CTAs for millennials buying for themselves

  • Buy now. October means it’s socially acceptable to wear spooky clothes 24/7.
  • Don’t be the one who didn’t dress up. Shop now for amazing Halloween styles.
  • Buy this rad Halloween look (yes you can wear it after Halloween, we won’t judge).

General Halloween CTAs

  • Skip the pumpkin spice latte it’s Halloween time! Shop now!
  • Don’t be the one scrambling for a Halloween outfit. Buy now!
  • October means that Halloween is in the air. Buy now and save xx%!