Take advantage of niche events

October is coming up soon and is more than just Halloween! Check out these niche October events to help inspire your new campaigns. (Stay tuned for our Halloween guide, out next week.)
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Increase profits during these niche events:

Boss’s Day

Increase conversions with boss-friendly designs

Boss’s Day is a steadily growing niche U.S. holiday and is a day for employees to honor their bosses. When advertising your Boss’s Day campaigns, educate your customers on this unique holiday to encourage the sale. Increase conversions with funny or wholesome designs variations on World’s Best Boss” is always great.

Oct 19 Diwali

Increase conversions for India’s largest holiday

Indians around the world celebrate Diwali, the Hindu Festival of Lights” and most popular South Asian festival. From Los Angeles to New York City, festivities will include lanterns, food, and gifts. Your target audience in the U.S. can range from Indian-Americans to Hindu enthusiasts with a love for this festive holiday.


Oct 31 Dia de Muertos (start)

Sell to millions of people honoring the dead

On Dia de Muertos (Day of the Dead), families in Mexico celebrate the lives of their deceased loved ones. U.S. states that border Mexico Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California have large parades and events for this 3-day holiday starting October 31. Your Dia de Muertos designs can feature festive skulls and skeletons in bright colors.


Call-to-action ideas for October events

Boss’s Day

  • Boss’s Day is Oct 16! Surprise your boss with this amazing gift.
  • Ready for Boss’s Day on Oct 16th? Make their day with this special mug/shirt/poster.
  • Happy Boss’s Day! Score some brownie points on Oct 16 with this perfect boss-friendly gift.


  • Burst some crackers, light some Diyas! Celebrate Diwali in style with these unique gifts.
  • Missing home this Diwali? Get these special Diwali gifts to feel a little bit closer.
  • Show your love for your Indian friends by gifting them these perfect Diwali gifts

Dia de Muertos

  • ¡Feliz Dia de Muertos! ¡Compra ahora!
  • Ready for Day of the Dead? Buy and now and save big! ¡Feliz Dia de los Muertos!
  • Limited-time sale! Fiesta in style with some amazing Dia de los Muertos looks

Increase your conversions with niche designs this October!