The TeeChip marketplace is officially here

Get prepared to sell to a larger audience

TeeChip is excited to announce the launch of a powerful new marketplace. Customers can now visit and browse the entire catalog of public TeeChip Pro campaigns. Make the most of this opportunity by effectively preparing your campaigns and storefronts.

Visit the new marketplace at

How to prepare for the marketplace

A brand new marketplace means brand new ways to increase your sales. We’ll show you how to get prepared for this powerful new feature.

1) Help buyers find your campaigns by adding tags

Customers can now search for campaigns based on categories. Increase your odds of being found by properly tagging campaigns on the “Campaign details” page (shown below). The more accurate your tags, the more likely buyers will find your campaigns—effectively increasing conversions.

How to add tags to new and existing campaigns

You can add tags to all new campaigns during the last stage of campaign creation (shown below). You can also add tags to existing campaigns by visiting the “Campaign Details” page (Campaigns > Details > Campaign Details).

Add relevant tags to your campaigns

2) Get discovered by making your campaigns public

Only “public” campaigns will be included in the marketplace (campaigns are public by default). If you set your old campaign to private, you can easily switch back. To change to your visibility options, navigate to your campaign details (Campaigns > Details > Campaign details) and select public or private.


3) Get featured for free (limited-time offer)

Your top-selling campaigns and storefronts could get featured on the TeeChip marketplace homepage. This offer is free through the end of the year, so take advantage of this opportunity while it lasts.

Being featured on the homepage is a sales opportunity you don’t want to miss.


Increase the odds of being featured by organizing your storefronts

Storefronts with a large amount of top-selling, non-infringing campaigns are most likely to be featured on our homepage. When creating your storefronts, make sure that campaigns are grouped by category type (not by product type) and are properly tagged.

Tag your campaigns and sell more with the new TeeChip marketplace.

Get marketplace-ready