Take advantage of niche events this August

August marks the end of the summer holiday season and the start of fall. View our niche event calendar for campaign inspiration and profit opportunities during this transitional month.

TeeChip Pro August calendar 2017
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Increase profits during these niche events:

Aug 4 – International Beer Day

Sell to the millions of proud beer lovers

International Beer Day is the perfect opportunity to sell your beer-themed designs to beer fans around the globe. When setting up your ads, try targeting people who “like” beer event pages or people who work in the beer industry. You can also combine your usual niche with “beer” to increase conversions, for example: “This Southern girl loves her beer.”

Aug 14 – Victory Day

Increase sales with patriotic campaigns

Victory Day, also known as VJ day, is an important day for American WWII veterans. Any sellers who specialize in veteran or patriotic merchandise should pay special attention to this American holiday.

Aug 21 – Total Solar Eclipse

Take advantage of this much-hyped U.S event

On August 21, the U.S. will experience the most widespread solar eclipse since 1979. This unusually trendy event could prove highly profitable for those interested in viral marketing. When setting up your ads, try targeting fans of astronomy and solar eclipse “chasers.”

Aug 26 – Women’s Equality Day

Sell to the high-converting, pro-women market

With pro-feminist shirts already scoring big in 2017, Women’s Equality Day is clearly a date to mark on your calendar. This holiday commemorates women’s right to vote in the U.S. Sellers with pro-women, pro-feminist designs should take advantage of this niche event.