Leggings are a rapidly growing fashion trend among women in the US. These comfortable and flexible pants are the new must-have item for yoga fans and fitness lovers alike.

Product specifications

Our leggings are form-fitting with a tunneled elastic waistband and no side seams. The cotton-blend material feels great and is easily washable.

Artwork Area: 4” wide x 16” tall on the outside thigh.
Artwork Pixels: 400px by 1600px to completely fit the frame (minimum)
Base cost: $13 (+$3 for both sides)
Recommended selling price: $29.99-$39.99

Online leggings sales dominate

Online sales for leggings have grown with each passing year, jumping 38% between 2016 and 2017. Even more surprising, online leggings sales actually beat out online denim sales last fall. Online interest in leggings usually begins to grow in July and peaks around December.

Data from slice.intelligence.com and Google on leggings trends

Demographics for leggings sales

Women aged 18-34 buy the most leggings

Millennial and Generation X shoppers comprise nearly three quarters of all leggings sales (source here). For your Facebook ad targeting, this is the 18-24 and 25-34 age groups.

Women in the Northeast and Midwest buy more leggings

When comparing online legging sales to jeans sales, women in the Northeast and Midwest tend to prefer leggings (more info here). If you use Facebook ads, try targeting different regions of the US (by state) to see if the data holds up. If true, the extra profits could be substantial.

Data from slice.intelligence.com on regional leggings sales

Why do Americans wear leggings?

1. As Atheletic Wear: Staying fit is important to many American women. Leggings help you stay warm and also absorb sweat during physical activities such as dance, yoga, running, bicycling, and tennis.

2. As an alternative to skinny jeans: A rising trend in fashion called athleisure combines athletic-wear with everyday apparel. For many women, leggingsare an easy alternative to jeans and can be worn at work, school, or with friends.

3. For around the house: Leggings are great for fitness lovers, but many buyers want leggings simply for their casual feel and comfort around the house.

Design ideas for leggings

Here are few potential design ideas that can help you launch your leggings campaigns:

Add-ons & upsells

Good news: You don’t have create a brand new campaign just for leggings. You can start selling leggings today by adding leggings to your existing campaigns. Just make sure to edit your original artwork so it fits down the side of the leg. This works best with campaigns that feature slogans or small images.

Feminism, girl power

Given your target audience is young women, many buyers will be interested in women’s equality or girl power. Experiment with slogans such as “Girl Boss”, “Nasty Woman”, and “Here to Slay”.

Yoga and fitness

If you’re targeting women who workout, try experimenting with fitness slogans. Examples include, “Fit Chick”, “Girls that Lift”, and “Yoga Heals”.

Occupations and interests

Let buyers show off their unique jobs or interests. It’s best to stick to text, but feel free to add a symbol or extra graphic that matches the theme. Examples include “EMT”, “Pug Mom”, and “Veterinarian”.

Call-to-action ideas for leggings sales

Fitness lovers

· Express yourself at the gym with a fresh new pair of leggings!
· Athletic-wear can be unique too! Shop today.
· Look cool while you get fit.
· Working out just got a little more customized. Buy a pair of printed leggings today!

General call-to-actions

· These leggings are the perfect fit for you. Buy now at get XX% off!
· They say leggings are the new skinny jeans. Get yours today!
· Feel great and stay comfy with a new pair of custom-printed leggings!
· Leggings aren’t just for the yoga mat. Get your very own pair of leggings now