Tap into a new customer base with onesies!

These one piece onesies feature lap shoulders that make it easier for parents to change their baby’s outfit many times a day. Made with machine washable, soft, 100% cotton, and easy snap closures, new parents will want a onesie for every day of the week.

Base Price: $8.50

Artwork Area: 3.5″ x 3.5″

Available Color(s): White

Suggested Retail Value: $20 – $25

Sizes Available: Newborn, 6M, 12M, 18M, 24M

Target audience

Here are few of the target markets that you could focus on for onesies:

  • New parents or parents with children younger than two years
  • Grandparents who want to buy a great gift for their grandchildren
  • Aunts and uncles know that onesies are perfect gifts for their new nieces and nephews

Example of Facebook demographics

Here’s a look at some examples of custom audiences you could target for onesies:

You can target based on group / interest. For example, parents of children 0-24 months who are a veteran.

You could also target audiences based on geography. For example, parents of children 0-24 months who live in New York.

Example call-to-actions to get you started

Getting started with a new product could be challenging. To help you get started, here are few suggestions for ad campaigns. Getting the right CTA for your ad makes all the difference.

  • ‘Dress your newborn in style. Get these 100% cotton, comfortable, stylish, and affordable onesies today!’
  • ‘Dressing up your kids in style doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Get these cute and comfortable onesies for your kids here!’
  • ‘Make a statement with these fashionable onesies. Buy one today!’
  • ‘Comfort and style go together. Get these soft, 100% cotton onesies for your newborns!’
  • ‘We know you want to show off your kids to the entire world. We make it easy with these cute onesies!’
  • ‘Get cute and comfortable onesies for your little ones! They are affordable, comfortable, and stylish!