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Increase conversions with the new marketplace feature

The new marketplace feature for custom domains gives you access to powerful navigation features. Maximize your seller potential with advanced category sorting, top navigation bar, search bar, and more.

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Impress customers with the new marketplace layout

Landing page banners and card images have been redesigned to improve site flow. We highly recommend you update your banner and card images to create a visually attractive, professional landing page for buyers.

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Design your marketplace landing page

          Update your landing page banner     

Update your landing page banner for best results

The new banner image dimensions of 2254px by 408px are optimized for the new search bar and will help maximize your sales. 

How to update your banner:

1.  Sign in. Click “Domains.”
2.  Click custom domain “Details.”
3.  Click “Change” (banner image).
4.  Select your file (5MB max).
5.  Click “Save changes.”

Update your card images to improve site navigation

Card images (1280px by 1080px) are links to your storefronts and can significantly improve site navigation. Better site navigation for buyers means higher conversions for your shop.

How to update your card images:

1.  Sign in. Click “Storefronts.”
2.  Click storefront “Details.”
3.  Click “Change” (card image).
4.  Select your file (5MB max).
5.  Click “Save changes.”

 Update your card images                    

Upgrade your landing page by adding tags

New landing page features (seen below) will appear as you increase your tag amount. Changes to campaign tags will refresh on your landing page every 3 hours.

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                      Tag your campaigns

How to tag campaigns

Help your customers find exactly what they want by properly tagging your campaigns.

How to tag existing campaigns:

1. Click “Campaigns.” Scroll down.
2. Click “Details” of a campaign.
3. Click “Campaign details.”
4. Click the “Categories” text box.
5. Type in keywords & select tags.
6. Click “Save changes.”

Unlock the navigation bar by adding 3 tags

You must use a minimum of 3 different, top-level tags to unlock the top navigation bar. You can see the 3 different category levels in the image below.

Unlock “top categories” by adding 6 tags

You must use a minimum of 6 different, top-level tags to unlock the “top categories” sort. Icon images for top categories will be automatically chosen based on the most popular campaigns.

Unlock “additional categories” by adding 30+ tags

You must use a minimum of 6 different, top-level tags to unlock the “additional categories” sort. In addition, each top-level tag must contain 4 different, 2nd-level tags.

There are 12 top-level tags you can use
Age, family & relationship, entertainment, sports, hobbies, interests, animals, jobs, holidays & events, awareness & beliefs, places, and names.

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